Our Services We Are International FMCG Distributer

Distribution and Supply

We are actively involved in FMCG and a wide range of consumer products. We distribute and engage in wholesale supplies for established brands from all over the whole. Our established portfolio comprises of luxury skin care products from renowned brands, professional hair, beauty and personal care items as well as daily body care and other necessities. In order to partner with wholesalers in meeting the needs of ever-changing consumers, KELTER is committed to the implementation of aggressive product development and sourcing from the consumer/customer’s perspective in view of striving to achieve wholehearted consumers’ satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people.


In view the diverse availability and diversification of products, Kelter engaged in an on-going process of sourcing for innovative and beneficial products and brands throughout the world. With our strong supplier support, we are able to source and offer products from those that are widely sought after to others which are specially catered for unique markets.

New Products Awareness & Penetration

Understand that many brands and products which are of tremendous quality have been left unnoticed, Kelter is actively involved in the introduction of new brands into the markets. With our established distribution channels in wholesale and retail and our in-depth marketing platform, we want to help create a market for such quality products in order to demonstrate their strength as well as bring forth a wider selective to consumers.

New Market Development & Penetration

We believe that strong products have no border. As such, we are determined to present any brands that we have our hands on to even the most challenging markets. Thus, we welcome enquiries from all regions and work closely with potential wholesalers, distributors and retailers so as to pave the way for the market penetration of any brands and products.

Logistics Support

In Kelter, we have strong logistics partners with warehouses in various hubs to facilitate our distribution in different geographical regions. We can also move the products up to the required port of destination so as to eliminate the complexity of clearance in the port of export. Therefore, we are able to provide a one-stop solution for our partners’ purchase and sourcing.

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