About Us Our main business is in the exporting and importing of FMCG

Who We Are

KELTER is a general trading company who is actively involved in FMCG and a wide range of consumer products. We distribute and engage in wholesale supplies for established brands from all over the whole. Our established portfolio comprises of luxury skin care products from renowned brands, professional hair, beauty and personal care items as well as daily body care and other necessities. In order to partner with wholesalers in meeting the needs of ever-changing consumers, KELTER is committed to the implementation of aggressive product development and sourcing from the consumer/customer’s perspective in view of striving to achieve wholehearted consumers’ satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people. In these diverse business fields, our cornerstone remains consistent, which is the formulation of mid- to long-term business plans so that we may bring together the growth of our company and that of partners/clients which is essential in the enrichment of all consumers globally.


Our Mission

Our mission is to strive, to our greatest capacity, for the wholehearted satisfaction and enrichment of the lives of people with brands and products of excellent value that are created from the consumer’s perspective. This commitment is embraced by us as we work together with passion to share joy with consumers. Our aim is to be the global company and create dynamic synergy in drawing ourselves closer to consumers’ needs. With our corporate strength, we strive to involve value products and brands to maximize consumer satisfaction by determining the needs of consumers and fusing them with the availabilities in the market. We are inspired by difficulties as we regard them as opportunities for improvement and we are never being satisfied with the status quo as we proactively seek new opportunities and challenges.

What We Do

KELTER has been successful in its portfolio building and management and we have established a comprehensive portfolio with established brands from all over the world so as to provide a strong solution to distributors and retailers, which in turn bring about the required coverage to their cliental. Despite that, we are uncompromising in our sourcing endeavors which resulted in the growth of our platform and portfolio. With our ever enhancing spectrum and dimension, coupled with our wide range of capabilities, clear and distinct company strategy and partner cooperation, we are honoured to be consistently ranked by leading retailers and distributors in the industry as a preferred supplier.

KELTER, with its scale advantages across our portfolio, businesses, operations and people, is able to share knowledge, engage in exchanges and optimize our resources to better serve consumers and continuously improve our efficiency and productivity. With these, we are acclivous in our pursue of long term business developments with our partners, retailers and clients.

Our Vision

Placing customers as our first priority is our core value and we strive to be as close as possible to consumers’ actual needs so as to include products and brands with extreme value. We always strive to understand consumer behaviour and seek new ideas and inspiration so as to be the first in sensing the ever-changing market and incorporate ourselves into the new environments. We build firm cooperative relationships with our business partners through mutual understanding and respect for the benefit of all parties. We practise uncompromising integrity in our operation and with respect for the all people, organisations and environments. Moreover, we aim to make a positive impact through our brands, our relationships and the other many ways that integrate and engage with the society. In addition, we are constantly committed to continuously improving the way we manage our portfolio, deliver our commitments, impacting the environment and partnering with valued suppliers and distributors so as to inch towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.